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Extend the value of the systems you already have and use. With our partner system integrators, you can leverage their technical expertise to create custom connections between Procore and solutions you can’t work without.

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If you have your own developer resources and want to integrate your existing systems to Procore using our API, start here.

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About Us

Project Controls Integration - it's what we do. We help medium and large companies stay ahead of the game by reducing redundant data entry and ensuring accurate project data in Procore and your ERP system. We specialize in capital-intensive industries such as Engineering and Construction, Oil and Gas, and Power and Utilities –industries that have a strong need to manage cost, scope, and schedule. Our ERP integrations with Procore allow your team to focus on completing your projects on time and within budget.

We believe integration should be simple and painless. That's why our Dimension™ Integrations are designed to get you up and running quickly. Just like Procore, our solutions are purely cloud-based, which means we take the headache out of integration management. And our 15+ years of experience means that our integrations deliver industry-proven solutions to real-world issues. With Dimension™ you get:

  • No-hassle setup
  • 24/7 HelpDesk support
  • Automatic updates

Contact us for a demo or to sign up for a trial. Or if you know that you want a simple and painless solution to your integration needs, sign up now!


About Us

We have deep experience in developing tools and expertise to integrate data between cloud and on-premise applications, managing data quality, and improving the governance of security policies. Our success can be largely attributed to our own appLOAD™ Suite of Productivity tools (appMIGRATE™, appMDM™, appINTERFACE™, appAUGMENTER™), our industry and data management process knowledge, our project and program management experience, and our in-depth experience with a variety of ERP and cloud-based applications, including Procore. Founded in 1998, and headquartered in Lansing MI, USA, we have over 600 employees located in offices across the globe.

The Chain-Sys’ appCONNECT™ for Engineering and Construction is the central solution to integrate Procore with other cloud and on-premise applications such as ERP and Human Capital Management.

appCONNECT provides the following advantages:

  • Procore integration with ready-built adapters to over 200 end-point applications.
  • Data quality engine enabling data enrichment while ensuring data integrity.
  • A consolidated data hub to support cross-application analytics and reporting.
  • Flexibility to choose which features are needed for your unique business needs.

Morpheus Technology Group

About Us

Since 2001, Morpheus Technology Group has set the standard for Enterprise Application Integration for the AEC industries. Using our powerful middleware platform, MTG Frameworks®, our implementations deliver results in weeks, not months. This helps our clients realize immediate financial, operational, and technological edges in this highly competitive business sector.

For 15 years now, we've been realizing these objectives through consistent application of four unique resources:

  • Our proprietary middleware solution, MTG Frameworks® Enterprise Edition.
    Its powerful tools and flexible framework enable clients to integrate best-of-breed enterprise applications simply and efficiently—while meeting unique customer needs.
  • The MTG core team's knowledge and expertise.
    Our founding team members possess a wealth of real-world, hands-on experience in integrating accounting, project management, and other applications for major AEC customers. This allows us to optimize the performance of each individual application as well as the overall enterprise.
  • A client-centric, ROI-focused consulting perspective.
    Our whole focus is on providing integration solutions that let functional groups use the best applications for them, while also sharing information seamlessly and efficiently over the entire enterprise. The goal is to meet the needs of individual teams and the whole organization—not just one or the other. This approach ultimately delivers the greatest ROI.
  • Our valued partnerships.
    We have longstanding, close partnerships with JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, Primavera, Meridian, and other major industry players. This gives us a real advantage in supplying customized, proprietary solutions comprising the best software available.



About Us

StackLeader specializes in building custom integration solutions for Procore that are designed to allow customers to get the most value possible from the Procore platform. StackLeader integration software can bridge the gaps between your internal software systems (e.g. accounting, time management, erp, etc.) and Procore. We can also construct custom dashboards and mobile applications to provide enhanced visibility and control of your projects and resources.

Our years of industry experience in enterprise integration enables us to build solutions for our clients that are scalable and maintainable while maximizing return on investment. We can build solutions that run on­premise, or in the cloud.