With the integration you can:

Put planning into the hands of those who do the work - so you get the best ideas and drive up team accountability.

Link your plans to your Procore workflow - so things are always current and reflect what you are already tracking.

Build confidence in your plan reliability - so teams can schedule tighter handoffs and finish early with labor costs savings.

Integration Summary

This integration saves teams time and energy while planning complex projects. Using Touchplan’s ability to help teams plan better and leveraging the Procore’s streamlined document management system, teams can tie their daily work plans to their RFI and submittal workflow. It also allows team to identify constraints in their plan and then quickly incorporate them as RFIs into their Procore workflow so that they can be resolved.

About This Company

Touchplan is a software product by MOCA. Founded in 1999 as a spinoff out of MIT, we are a full-service owner’s representative and software development firm serving the design and construction industry. We have over 15 years of owner’s representative experience helping clients transform the way projects are planned, designed, built, and managed. Touchplan was developed by in-house construction management personnel who recognized a need for better planning tools able to integrate with collaborative project delivery teams.

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