Benefits of Netmail:

Reduce Your eDiscovery and Search Costs

Identify Wasteful Spending

Resolve Disagreements & Avoid Litigation

Integration Summary

Netmail’s Procore eDiscovery Connector is an easy-to-use, web-based solution that lets you perform eDiscovery on any content in Procore. Netmail leverages Procore API to connect and gain access to Procore content.

About This Company

Netmail is a global market leader of Data Management solutions and services. Our award-winning Netmail software discovers, sanitizes, consolidates, and migrates data using leading-edge tools that eliminates complexity, ensure compliance, and reduces costs on premise or in the cloud. Our clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to state and local governments, the financial sector, the construction industry, and healthcare organizations.

Netmail provides on-premise or cloud-based eDiscovery, security, archiving, migration, and file share solutions across multiple platforms including Microsoft Exchange/O365, Google, Amazon, and Procore. For over 14 years, we've helped more than 3,000 organizations and millions of clients manage their data. As organizations spread data across multiple platforms, Netmail allows for simple consolidation of all that data into a single repository with singular indexing and eDiscovery features.

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