Lantern Data Systems

Lantern Data Systems

With a Lantern Data Systems integration you can:

See visualizations that make your project data easy to understand and process

Enable decision makers at any level to make better, data-driven decisions

Access the information your organization cares about through one intuitive platform

Integration Summary

Project data lives in an ever-increasing array of disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases and apps. Combining this data manually to make decisions takes far too much time, isn’t repeatable and introduces human error. Lantern combines project data from all of your project systems into one business intelligence, analytics platform putting all the information you need front and center. With Lantern, you make powerful, data-driven decisions, are more competitive, and save time and money.

Company/Partner Summary

Lantern Data Systems is a business intelligence and analytics company specializing in design, engineering and construction companies. Our product, Lantern, combines data from Procore and other business systems into one intuitive business intelligence, analytics platform, so decision makers can make better, data-driven decisions and teams can concentrate on increasing the performance of their projects instead of manually combining data.

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