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With the Fieldlens integration you can:

Sync your project users, companies, types and locations to Fieldlens.

Capture everything on-site and connect everyone in real-time.

Automatically feed the firehose of information to your Procore project.

Integration Summary

Allow the Fieldlens firehose of field information to feed your Procore project. Set up your Fieldlens projects by connecting to Procore to sync project users, companies, types and locations. Automatically send information created in the field through Fieldlens into Procore’s observation module.

About This Company

Fieldlens is not your typical technology company. Our roots in the hard-working world of construction help shape our culture and the way we work together. Bringing a building out of the ground requires the tireless effort of a diverse group of people – experts in designing, managing and creating – and we think developing software is a very similar process.

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