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With the Dronomy integration you can:

Monitor progress on-site and remotely, and communicate progress to all project stakeholders

Document the site with context, share and collaborate unbiased information with project teams

Identify errors early, minimize rework, save costs and delays, and avoid future disputes

Integration Summary

Dronomy scans construction sites into accurate 3D models with autonomous drones, allowing construction companies to significantly enhance their project monitoring and progress diagnostics capabilities. Data captured with Dronomy is seamlessly exported into Procore albums, and shared across project teams. With proprietary tools and algorithms, we turn this invaluable data into actionable information and construction knowledge.

About This Company

Founded by two physicists who were enthusiastic to make drones fly autonomously, Dronomy had quickly identified the gap in the ability of construction companies to frequently and accurately monitor their construction sites. Our team of highly experienced and enthusiastic professionals with expertise in construction, computer vision, software and 3D modeling, is focused on building knowledge into construction projects through smart analysis of uniquely captured data. With its stack of technologies, Dronomy transforms off-the-shelf drones into powerful construction equipment, delivering the most comprehensive project data with unmatched precision. Every angle of your project is covered with precise digital 3D/2D models of your current project status. Documentation becomes a no-brainer, as your original imagery is put in context by the 3D model. On-the-go or at the office, all captured data and models are readily available on the Dronomy Cloud.

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