Dexter + Chaney Spectrum Construction Software

Dexter + Chaney Spectrum Construction Software

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With your Dexter + Chaney's Spectrum® Construction Software integration you can:

Avoid errors and dual-entry with synchronized project cost data

Forecast confidently from the field

Maintain accurate and secure financial data in Procore

Integration Summary

Connect your accounting and project management within Procore and provide field teams untethered access to financial data. Eliminate double-entry and give project managers one-click access to accurate job costing information on the construction site. With the Spectrum Construction Software integration you can have confidence in your financial data to make the best in-the-field decisions while giving accounting peace of mind as they retain full control over data pushed into accounting.

Company/Partner Summary

Procore has partnered with Dexter + Chaney to offer an out-of-the-box integration with Spectrum Construction Software. This partnership allows us to offer the first 100% cloud-based construction management and accounting solution. Integration between the two companies was a natural fit, amplifying each other’s strengths. We both recognize the value in giving our clients the best of both worlds and the freedom to choose the solution that best fits their company’s needs.

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