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With the Crowdkeep Integration you can:

Deploy the most powerful time tracking platform without apps

Simplify your entire organization's time collection process

Gain financial insights with real-time data

Integration Summary

If your company uses Crowdkeep, you can enable the Procore integration and send employee time to Procore from Crowdkeep.

About This Company

Crowdkeep’s automated time tracking solution leverages iBeacon and Eddystone technology to easily and accurately track employee time and location. Instead of manually recording time or punching a time clock, all employees have to do is walk near a beacon gateway and their presence will be automatically registered. Information about arrivals, departures and location within a facility are instantly logged, allowing for quick access to valuable data.

Manual time entry is painful and prone to human error. Today's workforce juggles multiple tasks in a day and accurately recording time is simply too hard.

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