With a busybusy integration you can:

Eliminate paper time cards

Improve job costing

Simplify the payroll process

Integration Summary

Created by contractors for contractors, the busybusy™ mobile time tracking app automates time and GPS labor tracking, job costing, and documentation in the cloud. This allows construction crews to clock in-and-out through their iOS and Android devices, or web browser. With busybusy™, mobile phones become advanced management tools by simplifying and automating the process of tracking time, documenting project progress, and monitoring project information.

Company/Partner Summary

busybusy™’s mission is to provide businesses sufficient information to make profitable decisions by simplifying time tracking, GPS labor tracking, job costing, and photo documentation. busybusy currently employs more than 50 people in the greater Saint George area and is a leader in software solutions for the construction industry.

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