With an Assemble integration you can:

Put 3D data in the hands of the field team to save time and reduce cost

Improve collaboration and scope communication in the cloud

Incorporate 3D model views into your existing project management workflows

Integration Summary

The Assemble and Procore Integration enables project teams to integrate BIM/VDC capabilities seamlessly into their project management workflows for improved project control. By extending the BIM/VDC workflows to the field, the project management team can get a better understanding of project scope, budget and risk earlier in the construction lifecycle. The project team can walk through 3D model views to better understand project complexities. This integration provides controlled access to the subcontractors that are part of your Procore team.

Company/Partner Summary

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Assemble Systems provides construction data management solutions. Its core offering, Assemble Insight is a cloud based platform allowing AEC firms to leverage 3D data for increased project insight, advanced project collaboration and data-driven decision making. Since its launch three years ago, AEC professionals have used Assemble to access and manage construction data on projects with a combined value of over $50 Billion.

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